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7 Things You Should Know About Wooden Watches

There are very few experiences that can surprise one quite like the warm embrace of a high-end wooden watch. It’s comparable to putting your foot to the pedal of a brand new Porsche after spending your life behind the wheel of a ’88 Datsun. Invigorating.  Do not be intimidated by the idea of going against the grain and pursuing the road less traveled. Many people lack the sense of adventure to explore these accessories, today we’re discussing some of the reasons to consider adding a piece to your collection.

  1. Wooden Watches Are Environmentally – Friendly

Seeing as that they are made from trees this may seem hard to believe, but contrary to popular assumption it is in the nature of wooden watches to be biodegradable. Whether or not you would want your watch to decompose is entirely up to you, of course. However, with the range of breathtaking models within your reach we highly doubt that would be considered amongst owners of these organic timepieces. Then again, if something were to happen to your watch for it to end up in the ecosystem, there’s no need to worry about your carbon footprint because of the non-toxic/chemical-free process that artisans are required to undergo when creating these art-pieces.

  1. Unlike Most Watches, They Age. Beautifully.

Anyone who’s owned a conventional watch will be able to tell you that they can often be high-maintenance. And watch maintenance is far from cheap. It is common to find that a neglected watch will rust and quickly become an eye-sore that mostly dwells in the depths of your jewelry box or drawer, this is not the case with your average wooden watch. The truly unique and exclusive aspect to owning an organic watch is that it grows in aesthetic appeal as time goes on. And besides, if you’d like it to look a little fresher then all you need to do is gently apply a bit of varnish and it’s as if you’ve bought a whole new piece.

  1. They May Look Like It, But They Don’t Break The Bank

One would assume that with such stylish appeal and so few drawbacks that these beauties would cost you an arm and a leg but surprisingly not. Especially not in comparison to the average cost of a reputable watch these days. Ranging on average from about $80 to $150, owning a piece of organic wrist-apparel has never been more affordable. Thus making it the perfect birthday, anniversary or father’s/mother’s day gift for that special someone in your life, leaving your wallet as plump and happy as ever. Although not nearly as happy as the recipient of your gift.

  1. Although They’ve Made A Debut In The Fashion Industry, They’re A Rarity

As many people may have noticed, wooden watches have become a fairly common occurrence in high-fashion outlets such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, being donned by popular environmentalists like Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and BBC broadcaster David Attenborough. This may lead one to think that they’d be rather common amongst day to day civilians with limited fashion interest but it’s quite the contrary, these watches have become somewhat of a status symbol and fashion trend to mark yourself as an environmental activist in the pop-culture community. Who would’ve guessed?

  1. Whilst They May Be Biodegradable, They’re Still Durable

What has prohibited many people from obtaining their very own wooden watch is the unnecessary fear that because they appear to be so delicate and artistic that they won’t have the rugged, outdoor-friendly appeal that many other competitor watch-types brag about. This is not true, in fact, most wooden watches are built to last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Luckily, taking care of a wooden watch is not at all difficult. Simply ensure that it is given a basic cleaning with a moist cloth roughly every two weeks and ensure that it is not left neglected in a highly volatile climate.

  1. Wooden Watches Are Surprisingly Light-Weight

When one thinks of wood the first thought that comes to mind is not necessarily how charmingly light it feels around one’s wrist.  More probably one would be concerned about the possibility of a chunky and awkward feel against your skin, but that is not the case at all. One of the best parts about owning a wooden watch is the fact that when wearing it you almost entirely forget about it’s presence until you need to know the time again. Most wooden watches are made from bamboo or a variant so it is highly peculiar how natural it feels strapped around your wrist.

  1. Anybody Can Wear One

Because they are hypoallergenic, wood watches don’t have the toxic, chemical finish that prevents many people from comfortably wearing your standard mall watch. Nobody is going to have a rash or any type of skin condition as a result of these timepieces. This makes them the perfect gift for someone who you don’t know all too well. Start the new decade off by buying your very own wooden watch at

So don’t play it safe and exhaust your wallet on the same old predictable gift, whether it’s for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself . People often tend to sit around and wait for a sign that they should take initiative and start living life ambitiously, let this be your sign. Here at Treewatches we pride ourselves in high quality products with excellent shipping times. Take the opportunity to put yourself one step closer to saving the planet and ten steps closer to a stylish wardrobe.


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